I See A Sober Christmas

This is the age of desire, when men can freely look upon the greatness of others.

The solemnity of simplicity is lost in the West.

What contentedness remains thrives during Christmas, when men happily trash their greatest desires to embrace the finer parts of life.

To see the holy lights with sober eyes makes water swell in my heart, to pour out onto the paper which I labor over in the night.

I see a sober Christmas. I need a sober Christmas. My heart is tainted and I need more love.

Words go unfinished in my mind as I race for understanding. Why was I cursed with a mind that only shines in darkness?

What has happened to mankind? We put down each other to raise up ourselves. Evil thrives in us to create evil in the world. What good remains is now more valued.

Why do I cry when I should be celebrating? I need affection. I am sick of loneliness, of being high in the night all alone with no one to talk to but myself in my madness.

When I see the bright lights of Christmas with sober eyes, I will not be able to restrain my tears, as I cannot now nor will I ever.


Our Bloody King (poem featured in upcoming Gods of the Grotto Book One)

He stormed out from his castle

 Harry after hassle

Yearned to win so badly

Sortie after sally

The siege did cost him dearly

During one great battle

He called out from his courser

Yelling O so proudly

You know why they did crown me

I fight for man and country

A spear then caught him aptly

Before his leal knights

Bloody, O so Bloody

Our king did lose his life

bloody grass