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Shadiversity’s book becomes a movie! “Shadow of the Conqueror”

When I heard that Diratia Productions partnered with Adorea to make the fighting scenes in Shadow of the Conqueror more realistic and historically accurate, I felt obligated to share the news. This is what many people have been begging for: filmmakers taking the time to consider medieval realism in movie fighting scenes!

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LitRPG, Grimdark & LitHEMA (a meditative ramble)

Everything has a polar opposite–everything!–and so if such things as LitRPG, where common sense and practicality are completely ignored, can reach the market of fantasy books then so will such things as LitHEMA, where common sense and practicality are praised. This is inevitable!┬áIn other words if I don’t work towards the fruition of LitHEMA then someone else will, and this new fantasy subgenre will win its place in the market by merit whether the vast majority likes it or not.

LitHEMA takes “realism” and “grittiness” one step beyond Grimdark. Like LitHEMA, much Grimdark may also be called low fantasy, dark fantasy or historical fantasy. There is something special about it that keeps certain readers with certain tastes coming back and back again. But what separates LitHEMA from all these similar genres?