What in the world is LitHEMA and Sir Eveland’s Medieverse?

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LitHEMA is a sub-genre of medieval fantasy similar to grimdark, military fantasy or historical fantasy. Its key feature, however, is its attempt to be as realistic and historically accurate as possible. LitHEMA strays away from the use of popular fantasy tropes and misconceptions about life in the Middle Ages by implementing truth and occasionally the exaggeration of truth. Such truth includes the proper use of arms and armor (HEMA), lack of fire arrows and not cutting ropes to use catapults.

LitHEMA’s purpose is to invite fans of medieval fantasy to the discipline of Medieval Studies. Medieval Studies needs attention, as there is much research into life in the Middle Ages that has yet to be done, and it’s the interested youth of the present who’ll become the scholars of tomorrow. If LitHEMA by any amount bolsters the interest given to Medieval Studies, its purpose will have been accomplished.

But what is the Medieverse? 

The Medieverse is Author Tim Eveland’s fictional medieval-esque universe following the three rules of LitHEMA. The first book revealing the Medieverse will be published in the very near future.

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