A Little About Me

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My name is Tim Eveland, Author Timothy R.J. Eveland when I’m trying to be fancy. Born in 1991, I’m blessed to live in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I’m the founder of the LitHEMA genre and the owner of LitHEMA Publishing.

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I’m currently going to University of Victoria for a major in Medieval Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. My favorite hobby besides reading and writing is practicing Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA).

I was put into a group home at age 9 and moved out on my own at 18. Year 18 was also the year I met my dad for the first time in my life (haven’t seen him since). Since then I’ve worked as a full-time aluminum welder, performed live hip-hop at various nightclubs and events, got arrested for trafficking weed before it was legalized and had a benign tumor taken out of my leg twice. Besides my current studies at university, I’ve completed four years of college (mostly sociology and history, as well as welding and sheet metal, of course). After all that, my best accomplishments have been finding passion in writing, world-building, archaic word collecting and medieval studies. No one thought I would become an author, as I was quite the troublemaker growing up. I actually got into reading well after I got into writing, which is backwards for most! 😀

Today I have a very positive outlook on life and have strayed away from my old bad habits. I’m here in this world with a very important mission to accomplish, a mission only I can understand until it’s done.


  1. Great website, Tim. Looks like you’ve really found your niche. And – I wouldn’t say “no one” thought you’d be an author. I’m not the least bit surprised. Always thought you were creative in a very unique way.

    Best regards Tim.

  2. Hi Tim
    Way to go!!!
    Sometimes…one never knows what direction to take. Other times it’s a hunger that compels one to a specific course of action that cannot be denied.
    I’m as happy for you as I am proud of your accomplishments.
    Bob Cookson

  3. Hey Timothy, awesome job your doing! I’m so happy that your doing what your passionate about!! id love to get a hard copy of one of your books if they are available to be ordered that way.
    Keep being you!!

    1. Thank you! Looking back at the medieval reminds us of what it is to be human in a time when technology and science has taken the fantastic and the humanity away.

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