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List of Synonyms for Horse | Other Words for Horse

Here’s a list of other words for horse. Horse synonyms are very useful for writers and readers to know. This list of synonyms for horse will continue to be updated but so far it’s already one of the largest on the internet compared to conventional synonym and antonym websites. Enjoy!

other words for horse
horse synonyms

Other Words for Horse, not Including Donkeys

  • Palfrey – a compliable horse for casual riding, especially by women.
  • Mule, hinny – the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, usually sterile and used as a beast of burden.
  • Dray horse, draft horse, cart horse, sled horse – a burly and formidable horse for pulling drays, carts, buggies, sleds, etc.
  • Rounsey, rouncey – an all-purpose horse, able to be trained for war if needed.
  • Courser – a swift or spirited horse, in any application.
  • Destrier – a medieval knight’s horse for battles or tourneys.
  • Warhorse – a big, mighty horse trained for war, whether it be modern or historical.
  • Mount, steed – a horse being ridden or is available for riding.
  • Remount – a fresh horse to replace one that is no longer usable.
  • Charger – a swift warhorse or cavalry horse.
  • Cob – a brawny, short-legged horse, typically for riding.
  • Pony, hobby – a small stocky horse, especially one of several specific breeds, like the Pottok for example.
  • Nag, plug, rocinante – a horse that is old or in poor health.
  • Colt – an uncastrated male horse under four years of age.
  • Stallion, stud – any uncastrated male horse.
  • Gelding – a castrated male horse.
  • Mare – a female horse, especially one available for breeding.
  • Bronco – a wild or half-tamed horse.
  • Stepper – a horse with a quick, beautiful gait, such as a trained marching horse.
  • Filly – a female horse under four years of age.
  • Foal – any young or baby horse.
  • Yearling – any horse that is only one or two years old.
  • Garron – a sturdy horse for working, typically small.
  • Mustang – a wild horse.
  • Suckling – an unweaned horse.
  • Weanling – a newly weaned horse.
  • Equine – any animal of the horse family, such as a donkey.
  • Workhorse – could be any hired or draft horse, but typically refers to a farm horse.
  • Racehorse – a horse raised for horse racing.
  • Trotter – a horse raised for harness racing
  • Packhorse – a horse with panniers, or any horse that is not ridden but used to carry loads, usually led in a line or tied behind the riding horse.
  • Sumpter – any animal used as a beast of burden, including horses.
  • Hackney – a horse with a high-stepping trot, typically a trained riding horse or carriage horse.
  • Padnag, pad, ambler – a horse that moves along at an ambling pace.
  • Grey, gray – any white or gray horse. For example, “Jon saddled the gray then spurred off.”
  • Sorrel – a horse with a brownish-red coat or a sorrel coat.
  • Caballine – an adjective meaning: of or related to a horse or horses. For example, “We called him Caballine Cam because of his big teeth.”
  • Genet, Jennet – a type of small Spanish horse; also, a female donkey.
  • Show-jumper – a horse that performs the professional sport “show jumping.”
  • Chestnut – a horse with a chestnut-colored coat.
  • Roan – a horse with a roan coat (two colors finely interspersed).
  • Bay – a horse with a sorrel coat and black mane.
  • Dobbin – a draft or farm horse, especially a pet name for one. For example, “Good work, dobbin.”


Hope you found this glossary of horse synonyms useful!

I use this list of horse synonyms as a helpful reference during writing and research. I will update it whenever I feel the need, so please let me know if I missed any horse synonyms or think something should be changed or improved. Thanks!

list of synonyms for horse
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