A Little About Me

Custom medieval header art by Philipe Eikemans.

My name is Tim Eveland in person, Timothy R.J. Eveland on paper. Born in 1991, I’m blessed to live in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada where I study medieval history and write fantasy books. Before COVID-19 hit I was taking a major in medieval studies at the University of Victoria. My plan is to finish at the University of Toronto at some point in the future.

I hope when we’re an interplanetary species that people living out in space will know more about the real Middle Ages than we do today. I believe the value of understanding our species when we were at the level of building with stone and farming with our hands will only increase as things like automation and artificial intelligence make it harder for us to remember what it means to be human.


Why I think the books I write are so different from the norm.

Growing up in foster care was a blessing in disguise, although it didn’t seem that way when I was forced to move out on my own before I was ready. By having no parental figures in my life and by being alone in the world I had to find ways to be comfortable with being by myself for long periods of time. Drug abuse and crime, as well as generous support from my local ministry, got me through my early twenties until I relied on making music to keep me pushing forward. As I grew a stronger faith in God and separated myself from dangerous crowds, I realized my favorite part of making music was not strutting on stage or recording at the studio but rather the writing process. Soon I had partly finished manuscripts riddling my shabby flat. From those days I have nearly a dozen books I’ve never published. Now I take pride in being an introvert because spending days isolated in garrets and basements throughout my late twenties is what allowed me to become well-versed in medieval history and story telling techniques.

My transition from rapping to writing fiction when I was 22 years old.

I have so much faith in human progress, and even while I close my eyes and imagine all the human suffering throughout history my hope for the future of the human species still makes me cry with joy at times. My childhood was rough and I have many mental scars, but I would never change a thing because this is exactly why my writing stands out from the mob.

Thank you for all your support!

Rest in peace Carmen Jones, my late foster mother and the strongest woman I’ve ever met.

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