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Best Lindybeige Memes

Lindybeige is my hero, and to celebrate my love for this great genius I have adventured on a quest across the internet with my ten fingers in search of the best Lindybeige memes–the holy dank of the dank! During my derring-do I have come across many afoul memes, but none of them were as dank as these.

Please know I didn’t create these memes myself. I got them from the Facebook group Lindybeige Shirtposting and have compiled them so more gallant people can enjoy them, people whom may never see them otherwise.

I love Lindybeige because he isn’t afraid to say what’s wrong with a Hollywood “medieval” movie. I think if he was in a death metal band it would be called “Movie Slayer” but…

medieval mythbusters metal band glory hammer

  • Not everyone thinks the way Lindybeige does, but a lot of people who think similarly also likes Skallagrim, Shadiversity, Metatron and Matt Easton!

lindybeige youtube channel

  • Everyone who loves Lindybeige is automatically awesome.

lindy beige hop dancing

  • Look at that collar! If only the bow-tie was beige.

lindybeige movie director

  • Spreading the name of Queen Victoria one video at a time! (alluding to another popular meme)

lindybeige song

  • Is this getting cereal?

best lindy beige memes

  • I didn’t think so.

best lindybeige memes

  • Only a true gentleman uses his hand as a shield against a sword!

lindy beige

  • Because this is what happens to non-gentlemen.

french vs english humor

  • A true gentleman is versatile.

best youtube memes

  • And he doesn’t dance like a nit.


lindybeige comedy joke and pun

  • If you still don’t know who Lindybeige is, watch this!

My current interests and pursuits have been greatly influenced and inspired by Lindybeige. Without him, I don’t think this blog would exist.

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4 thoughts on “Best Lindybeige Memes

  1. I sort of outgrew Lindybeige… but his teary-eyed sermon on Ilias is still wonderful. However, Matt Easton’s channel has been a great resource to me, esp. in relation to cuirassiers! 😀

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