A List of 40+ Synonyms for “Horse” with their Unique Definitions (updated 2018)

  1. Palfrey – a compliable horse for casual riding, especially by women.
  2. Mule, hinny – the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, usually sterile and used as a beast of burden.
  3. Dray horse, draft horse, cart horse, sled horse – a burly and formidable horse for pulling drays, carts, buggies, sleds, etc.
  4. Rounsey, rouncey – an all-purpose horse, able to be trained for war if needed.
  5. Courser – a swift or spirited horse, in any application.
  6. Destrier – a medieval knight’s horse for battles or tourneys.
  7. Warhorse – a big, mighty horse trained for war, whether it be modern or historical.
  8. Mount, steed – a horse being ridden or is available for riding.
  9. Remount – a fresh horse to replace one that is no longer usable.
  10. Charger – a swift warhorse or cavalry horse.
  11. Cob – a brawny, short-legged horse, typically for riding.
  12. Pony, hobby – a small stocky horse, especially one of several specific breeds, like the Pottok for example.
  13. Nag, plug, rocinante – a horse that is old or in poor health.
  14. Colt – an uncastrated male horse under four years of age.
  15. Stallion, stud – any uncastrated male horse.
  16. Gelding – a castrated male horse.
  17. Mare – a female horse, especially one available for breeding.
  18. Bronco – a wild or half-tamed horse.
  19. Stepper – a horse with a quick, beautiful gait, such as a trained marching horse.
  20. Filly – a female horse under four years of age.
  21. Foal – any young or baby horse.
  22. Yearling – any horse that is only one or two years old.
  23. Garron – a sturdy horse for working, typically small.
  24. Mustang – a wild horse.
  25. Suckling – an unweaned horse.
  26. Weanling – a newly weaned horse.
  27. Equine – any animal of the horse family, such as a donkey.
  28. Workhorse – could be any hired or draft horse, but typically refers to a farm horse.
  29. Racehorse – a horse raised for horse racing.
  30. Trotter – a horse raised for harness racing
  31. Packhorse – a horse with panniers, or any horse that is not ridden but used to carry loads, usually led in a line or tied behind the riding horse.
  32. Sumpter – any animal used as a beast of burden, including horses.
  33. Hackney – a horse with a high-stepping trot, typically a trained riding horse or carriage horse.
  34. Padnag, pad, ambler – a horse that moves along at an ambling pace.
  35. Grey, gray – any white or gray horse. For example, “Jon saddled the gray then spurred off.”
  36. Sorrel – a horse with a brownish-red coat or a sorrel coat.
  37. Caballine – an adjective meaning: of or related to a horse or horses. For example, “We called him Caballine Cam because of his big teeth.”
  38. Genet, Jennet – a type of small Spanish horse; also, a female donkey.
  39. Show-jumper – a horse that performs the professional sport “show jumping.”
  40. Chestnut – a horse with a chestnut-colored coat.
  41. Roan – a horse with a roan coat (two colors finely interspersed).
  42. Bay – a horse with a sorrel coat and black mane.

I use this list as a helpful reference during writing and research. I will update it whenever I feel the need, so please let me know if I missed synonyms or think something should be changed or improved. Thanks!

a list of synonyms for horse

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