does amazon sell real swords? Yes! Here are the best swords on Amazon
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The Best Swords on Amazon | Cheap Functional Swords for Sale

When someone asked me how much a real sword costs and if you can buy one on Amazon, I did what I usually do whenever someone brings up swords and politely educated them on why historically accurate swords are the best. Now I want to take this chance to provide some cool information for beginners and first time sword buyers who are looking for the best swords on Amazon, because knowing how to separate fantasy swords from historically accurate swords can be helpful when shopping for functionality.

How much is a real sword?

To get a top quality replica sword that is “battle ready” and functional can cost over $2000 USD in some cases, especially if the swords are handmade by master blacksmiths. If you’re willing to pay $1500 or more for a sword then check out Albion Swords or other reputable manufacturers. On this post we’ll be talking about real and functional swords for sale on Amazon that are much cheaper and perfect for beginners. There is an important disclaimer at the end of this post.

can you buy real swords on amazon?

Does Amazon sell real swords?

I found out that there are some great options on Amazon for cheap functional swords. So, yes, you can buy real swords on Amazon for under $200 USD. Other swords on Amazon are in the mid $300 USD range.  $100 to $150 is the budget I’d recommend for a beginner to buy his or her first sword, either to practice cutting or to learn how to take care of polished steel, and there are plenty of swords on Amazon within that price range. But keep in mind that although they’re functional they won’t be as durable and high quality as other replica swords on the market.

What do I mean by “functional” swords?

I scoured Amazon for swords that are realistic enough and historically accurate as well as cheap. Instead of being fantasy-esque, that meaning inspired by popular fantasy settings, the swords on this list are inspired by real historical weapons from the Middle Ages and other time periods, and that to me is a huge part of what makes them functional because original sword designs from history are optimal at performing their jobs. A functional sword should also be made out of steel, easy to use and sharp enough to cut well. So let’s get to it. Below is my list of the best cheap swords on Amazon that are functional and historical.

What are the best swords on Amazon? 


9th-century sword

32″ steel blade

cheap swords for sale It’s nice to have an affordable option for the iconic one-handed sword of the Early Middle Ages. This one is described as a Viking sword and comes with a scabbard and thong. The long quillons provide decent hand protection compared to other contemporary swords of the Viking Age. The simplicity that comes with being historical is what allows the swords listed here to be so functional compared to fantasy swords that have complex designs.

Click here to check it out.


15th-century sword

24-1/2″ steel blade

cheap functional swordsThis general shape of sword became popular in the 14th century. You can see how different yet similar it is to the 9th-century sword above or the 11th-century sword below. They call this sword the Archer’s Sword and for the low price it would allow an archer to spend more money on their armor and ranged weapons. I’d recommend this sword for anyone who wants a nice and effective side-arm that isn’t too cumbersome.

Click here to check it out.


11th-century sword

32-1/2″ steel blade

How much is a real sword? The pommel might be too gaudy for some tastes, but not enough for others. And that’s the beauty of swords in this period, when they started to become more complex. The 11th century was the time of the First Crusade and although this is merely a Christian sword there are many beautiful swords from this period to study all around the world.

Click here to learn more.


15th-century great sword

39-7/8th” steel blade

giant swords for sale The great sword was used in the 15th and 16th centuries and is a famous weapon of the Landsknechte. This beast of a medieval weapon, totaling at 55-1/4″, is a historical option if you’re looking for giant swords for sale on Amazon. This personally is my favorite type of medieval sword. Historically, great swords of this design were commonly used to combat pike formations. Matt Easton has a great video on the topic.

Click here to check the sword out.


20th-century cutlass

25″ steel blade

best battle ready cutlass sword on amazonThe curved shape of a cutlass optimizes the blade for chopping and cutting. An old design stretching back to the 16th century, the cutlass was still used in World War II and has been a favorite among many sailors. There were many variants of the cutlass over time.

Click here to see it for sale.


18th-century cavalry saber

37-1/2″ steel blade

where to buy cheap function swordsCavalry sabers were longer than infantry sabers so that they could reach further on horseback. Like the cutlass, the curved design of this functional sword optimizes it for chopping. If you’re looking for a cheap saber for sale this Amazon sword looks like a great option. My obsession with pirate history in the Caribbean would make this one of the first swords I would buy if I was looking for something cheap.

Click here to see it.


17th-century cutlass

22-1/4″ steel blade

best cheap realistic sword on amazonBy far the most affordable sword on this list, this small and nimble sword for sale on Amazon is much shorter than the cavalry sword above. A cheap functional sword nonetheless, with many good reviews on Amazon. This type of cutlass might look more familiar if you’ve seen a lot of pirate movies because the cutlass is actually the sword a historical pirate might use. This cheap sword won’t be anything like the real battle worthy swords of the 17th century but it’s a close step for such a low price.

Click here to check it out.


15th-century bastard sword

30″ steel blade

real bastard sword for sale The bastard sword is a hand-and-a-half sword which in simple terms means it can be held with either one hand or two hands. But others warn it is over-priced. A high quality bastard sword usually costs over $1000 USD though. But keep in mind prices change everyday and if you’re reading this even a day after I published it things might be different. Nonetheless, I can’t deny the great deal here.

Click here to see the sword on Amazon.


14th-century longsword

35-1/2″ steel blade

cheap function longsword for sale on amazonThere are many long swords on Amazon but few that remain historical. The one listed here is of Italian design, resembling medieval swords from the 14th century. Longswords are meant to be used two-handed but they are much more nimble than great swords. If you’ve decided you want to go with a longsword I recommend watching a few HEMA tutorials to learn proper stances.

Check it out here.

Still not sure if you want a one-handed sword or a two-handed sword?

Check out YouTube channels like Metatron and Shadiversity to learn more about real swords.

Thanks for reading!

I hope this list of swords on Amazon was useful and educational for you.


I’m an Amazon associate. If you shop through the Amazon links I provide I’ll make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Also, I have never actually bought or tested these swords myself, I’m merely sharing the swords that I would buy if I was looking for real cheap functional swords for sale online. Once again let me also remind you that it’s recommended by most sword collectors to invest in a high quality sword from companies like Albion rather than buying a cheap one. Generally speaking, the cheaper the sword the more dangerous it is to practice cutting with, as a blades can detach from a handles and this historically has caused fatal injuries to unwary sword buyers. Stay safe!

I hope you find the sword you’re looking for!

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