A List of Interesting Interjections and Archaic Exclamations! Te Deum!

Somewhere in the Caribbean…

Adieu (a-DOO): “Goodbye!” Example: Adieu, poltroon! Fall on my spadroon!

Viva (vEEvA): “Long live!” Example: Adieu to you, craven! Viva Captain Flint!

Voila (vWala) “There you go!” Example: Have it your way, macho. Voila! Take that!

En garde (AWn gArd) “On guard!” Example: Ha! Your spadroon is no match for my cutlass! En garde, dead man!

Egad (eegAd) “Oh!” “Wow!” “Yes!” Example: Egad, how did you hit me? You will pay for that, old man!”

Gad (gAd) “Oh my god!” Example: Ha! You really think?–Gad, my wrist! You cheat! You are the one who will pay!”

Faugh (fAW) “Disgusting!” Example: Faugh, you may have a superior sword but I have superior skill, pendejo.

Huzzah (hUzzAW) “Yay!” “Oh yeah!” Example: Oh yeah? I don’t think so! Huzzah! Take this! What? How did you block that?

Quotha (KooWowthA) “Really it is so” “Indeed!” “Forsooth” Example: I blocked your attack because, like I said, pendejo, your skills are lacking, quotha.

Fie (fY) “Damn!” “Disgusting!” Example: Fie, that snake in your mouth makes me sick.”

Oyez (Oh YAee) (Oh Yezz) “Hear ye!” “Attention!” “Hearken!” Example: If my tongue makes you so sick–oyez! Oyez! Oyez, my friend. My tongue will hiss you off to your grave and–egad, my heart! You bastard! You stabbed me in the heart!

Tut-tut (tUt tUt) “What a shame” “Tsk tsk” Example: You had skill but, tut-tut, you talked too much.