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Best Medieval YouTube Channels, Part 2: More Medieval Mythbusters!

It’s about time I added to our previous list of the best medieval YouTube channels. A lot has changed since then, and here are more medieval mythbusters to binge on YouTube to absord that precious medieval knowledge. Feel free to go back and check out part one of this series. To get started I’ll just say I would never have pursued my major in medieval studies if it weren’t for these guys. I highly respect them and would not be recommending them if I didn’t think their content could provide quality entertainment as well as education. So enjoy!



European as Well as Japanese and Roman History


Tod’s Workshop

Highly Detailed Replicas and Medieval Weapon Tests


Modern History TV

Documentary Style Explanations


Survive the Jive

Ancient and Early Medieval Pagan Religion Studies



Educational Clips, News Livestreams and Gameshows


Baz Battles

Step by Step, Birds Eye View Medieval Battle Breakdowns



Ancient and Medieval Genetics and Racial Studies



Interesting Ancient, Medieval and Modern Religious Studies



Traditional Farming, Crafting and Lifestyle


best medieval youtubers

Please recommend your favorite medieval YouTube channels by speaking your mind freely in the comment section below and I’ll compile all the recommendations together for a part 3 of this series. By sharing these channels here, people searching on the Internet for new content creators to watch will be able to find them more easily, so help your favorite YouTubers out and spread the word! Remember to check out part one of this series.

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5 thoughts on “Best Medieval YouTube Channels, Part 2: More Medieval Mythbusters!

  1. Some great channels there! I see that in you first part you already mention the other big guys (Lyndibeige, scholagladiatoria, skallagrim and so on).

    I’d like to recommend 4 more:
    Tasting History, with Max Miller: about historical cooking, roman, medieval, victorian and so on
    Simon Roper: more related to linguistics, with a focus on old english and anglo-saxon period
    Jackson Crawford: same as above, but related to norse language and culture
    Evropantiqua (in Italian with subs): about ancient european history

      1. You’re welcome. I found some interesting new channels in your posts as well, so than you 🙂

    1. It’s my pleasure, Tom. Thanks for taking the time to say thank you. It means a lot. Your YouTube channel is amazing!

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