What in the world is Sir Eveland’s Medieverse?

There is only one way to truly understand what the Medieverse is.

You must enter it.

The Medieverse is where King Kilwinning wages his war against the king in the golden spider mask. Teeming with wilderness and replete with isolated civilizations, Planet Meliva is a place much like medieval Earth. And like the people of medieval Earth, the dwellers of the Medieverse have many tales to share.

The novel “Knights of the Dawn” thrusts the reader into the life of Lord Spywater where mystery unravels. Short stories and novels from the Medieverse are published regularly.

Subscribe to the Medieverse by clicking the text below and Sir Eveland of Wellimgale’s ravens will kindly inform you whenever a new story is waiting in the shop for your pleasure. As a special thank you for supporting independent authors, you will be emailed a link to download “A Quarrel for a Quarrel” for free!

Click this text to enter the Medieverse and watch a war betwixt kings unfold slowly within your mind over the course of your life.



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