Sir Hubert von Poppingham’s Daring Action Thriller of Gallantry and Wit Vol.1 (Guest Post)

This is a guest post by Hubert von Poppingham from London, England.

Greetings, dear heavenly reader. In case you already don’t know, I am Sir Hubert von Poppingham, explorer of caves and collector of antiquities, schooled by nature herself in the delicacies of her natural ways, in romance and harness racing, making love and pouring fine beer properly to the pleasure of fine women. But forget about me! All you must know of me is that I am extremely handsome, smell like roses and have great posture! It is the hero of our story, Manuell Sandiego, who must be remembered! Unlike me, your daydreaming author, obsessed and lost in thought all the time, like a poet and scholar looking off into the sunset, Manuell Sandiego, who prefers the sunrise, is the true valliant helper of the less-fortunate, the saviour of peace, tool of God, statue of glory and is constantly focused on, or forever at one with, his quest of upholding the values of chivalry in this post-modern age! Continue reading