Gods of the Grotto, my epic fantasy series in the works.

Gods of the Grotto is my debut epic fantasy series. So far I have put work into the first three books.

Book One: Bloody Kings and Budding Roses, a roughly 160,000 word manuscript, is the awaited rewrite of Kings on the Mountain. Kings on the Mountain was a book I spontaneously wrote during college. The fact that I wrote it during college should tell you a lot about why I decided to rewrite it. You see, my writing skills were not enough to impress at the time, but I loved the characters and the story so much that I just needed to give them justice. Now, after honing my skills a little and learning more about my craft, I am about %75 done rewriting it. I plan to release Bloody Kings and Budding Roses by September 2017 at the latest. After thousands of hours and hundreds of sleepless nights, it’ll be a relief to get this off my chest, although I do still enjoy the work most of the time.

Book Two: A Quip of Crones and Castles, a 130,000 word manuscript, is a file in a folder still waiting to be edited. I plan to have this released by September 2018 at the latest.

Book Three: The title is still in progress, but so far I have roughly 20,000 words in the manuscript. It will be much, much larger than that, though. I have an ending in mind that I estimate will take 250,000 words to explain.

Gods of the Grotto is my main project at the moment, but lately I have found myself putting more time into the Medieverse. Even so, I still believe I can hit these deadlines I’ve listed. Wish me luck. Happy daydreaming.

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