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Welcome to my post about used books Victoria BC. Sometimes we can have a strong habit all our lives and not know it’s there until–BAM!–you look at the big stack of stuff you’ve been collecting all these years and realize … hmmm? … “I have a problem!”

used books victoria bc

For me I realized I loooove older books. Unless it’s a textbook I may need to reference in the future, I usually give away all my newer books once I finish them. But, nope, not the vintage ones! Usually anything older than 1969 I keep and display on a shelf like it’s a statuette or something, like my pristine History of England by Lord Macaulay above, printed in 1967, which I found for roughly $10.

Yep, they just don’t bind books like they used to. Today most books have flimsy covers and even the hardcovered ones aren’t as good as the old ones most of the time. There’s just something about the way an old book smells, looks and feels that makes new books seem like giant brochures.

And Victoria BC, the greenest city in the world, is a great place to hunt for old books. In a previous post I mentioned Period Fine Bindings, where I got A New Dictionary of Heraldry printed in 1739, and continue to recommend going there. The owner Paul Tronson is a great man to talk to, and no one binds books traditionally like he does.

old books victoria bc

It was hard for me to make the decision to share this secret, but my favorite place to hunt for old books is Value Village and other thrift stores. It’s a sad truth that siblings donate their deceased parents’ goods to these kinds of places, often not realizing the great value these things have. I found Winston Churchill’s series on WWII, printed in 1953, in Value Village for under $20. There I also found an illustrated copy of The Pilgrim’s Progress printed in 1921, Don Quixote of the Mancha printed in 1968, and many other treasures.

I’m sure it’ll be harder to find books like these after sharing my secret, but at least it’ll be my precious readers who get to benefit! If you know of any other places in Victoria BC to buy, sell and donate old books please share them in the comments below. Thank you!

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