Isthmus: Sir Eveland’s Word of the Night – Dec 16th, 2016

An isthmus is a land bridge. In other words, it’s a narrow strip of land that stretches over water and connects two or more larger areas of land. For example, many believe an isthmus is what allowed people to populate the Americas in ancient times; however, modern research is revealing that in fact the seafaring experts of Indonesia may very well have been responsible. Perhaps in later science, a breakthrough isthmus will answer the question once and for all.

Side note: as any follower of this blog can tell, I have been unable to post a ‘Word of the Night’ consecutively (a shame considering I’m the first person to do a  ‘Word of the Night’ service). This has been an error of mine and so I will not display any excuses. However, I hope this error of mine reduces the number of emails you receive 🙂 In the new year I will be updating the design of this website and making it more user-friendly, and as my research becomes more focused I will be writing more educational articles on ancient and medieval times. Thanks for understanding! I hope your holidays are full of cheer 😀

Happy daydreaming.


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