Mahout: Sir Eveland’s Word of the Night – Dec 13th, 2016

A mahout is a person who rides, trains or tends an elephant. In ancient times, elephants were often used as weapons of war. They were siege towers of flesh that could stomp their way through formations and pump fear through the hearts of the enemy. It was important for these elephants to be well tamed and controllable, hence a mahout had one of the most important jobs on the battlefield. If mahouts failed to control their elephants, a battle could end horribly in unexpected ways. In many historical cases, mostly due to oncoming arrow volleys, frenzied elephants trampled their own side and tossed their mahouts to the ground. Today, however, a mahout’s job is much more peaceful. In Africa and Asia, you can find mahouts at many attractions offering rides to tourists. It is a personal opinion when I say mahouts have one of the best jobs in the world.


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