Millrace: Sir Eveland’s Sexy, Historical Word of Sunday, Nov 27

A millrace is a channel of rushing water that turns a mill wheel. Even I was wondering why I would call ‘millrace’ a sexy word. Then I realized it’s not the word or the object that attracts me, it’s the way the word can be used. For example, Jenna’s pleasure was a millrace in her mind. Or, Jim’s uncle swam faster than a millrace. As a fiction writer, I love neat words like this. A millrace can be anything moving fast and narrow if you’re creative enough.

Update: I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like as I’ve been putting every whit of sane spare time in getting Knights of the Dawn ready for reading. For those of you waiting, I must apologize. But I assure you, it’ll be worth the wait! 🙂


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