Topiary: Sir Eveland’s Sexy, Historical Word of Thursday, Nov 17th

The word topiary may not sound too romantic, but topiary as an art is one of the sexiest things you can find in a garden. Topiary is the practice or art of trimming trees or bushes into decorative forms. For example, Frank’s tree service crew wasn’t trained to clip bushes into bears, but one request from a kind customer soon made them experts in topiary.

Topiary can also be used as a noun to describe bushes or trees that have been trimmed into artistic shapes. For example, King Spiderwell moseyed around the garden with his princess, laughing at the new bawdy topiary that had been prepared for the feast.

For certain cases where clarification is needed, you can also use topiary as an adjective. For example, the crow landed in the topiary tree.

I hope this word serves you well one day!



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