Promulgate: Sir Eveland’s Sexy, Historical Word of Sunday, Nov 13th

Promulgate (pronounced just how it’s spelled) is a somewhat archaic verb with two slightly different definitions. To promulgate means to promote or make widely known. For example, I will be vehemently promulgating Knights of the Dawn over the holidays as its official release date is November 22nd, 2016! Promulgate also means to put a law into effect by official proclamation. For example, a promulgated order says Henry must always be greeted with the royal salute upon entering the king’s castle.

Thanks for reading today’s word! I’ll try to post a word every day henceforth. I’ll also be writing a blog post soon to show you all my “Book of Words.” Every morning I read for two hours before I begin my day, and while reading I write down every word I don’t know (so I actually have, on average, 10 words of the day. It’s just a matter of choosing one to share with you guys). After doing this for a year, my “Book of Words” has grown thicker than my thumb! I can’t wait to show you it, as keeping a “Book of Words” on hand at all times, as I’ll later explain thoroughly, is a must-do for any serious reader or writer.


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