Veldt: Sir Eveland’s Sexy, Historical Word of Tuesday 18-10-2016

By ‘sexy, historical word’ I mean many things. With this new service, I will be presenting mostly medieval words, but also words that have historical significance. Also, I find foreign English words very sexy. As a Canadian, the South African word veldt is horrendously nubile in my eyes. It’s an English word, but uncommon in the Americas.

Veldt is a noun pronounced velt, but often spelled veld. In “King Solomon’s Mines,” the author spells it veldt, so I’ll imitate that spelling in my writing.

Veldt means open, uncultivated country or grassland, especially in southern Africa. A common synonym could be steppe, though steppe means especially in southern Europe. What I love about veldt is the way it can be acceptably changed to classify altitude. A veldt is just a veldt, but there are also highveldts, for veldts at high altitude, as well as middleveldts and lowveldts.


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