My Ideal Fantasy Sub-Genre: Hemapunk

historical full plate armor in the middle ages

My ideal genre would be a sub-genre of historical fiction called hemapunk. Hema as in H.E.M.A or historical European martial arts, and the punk is just because … authors get goofy and I was inspired by the word “steampunk”. Hemapunk would be medieval fiction focused more on historical accuracy, not so much focused on actual events of the past but more so on proper descriptions and realistic war tactics.

Hemapunk fans would frown at giant blazing fantasy swords. They would smile at realistic, period accurate blades. Fencers and Lindy Beige fans would dig it, I’d think. “For crying out loud, you can’t draw a sword from the back!” Movies are ruined for some people because of things like bows creaking and cutting ropes to loose mangonels. GRRM’s universe would be similar to hemapunk. Some could say this is nothing more than historical fiction. They’re wrong because hemapunk could be a subgenere of fantasy or science fiction and therefore have magic, like cyberpunk or steampunk. I still have a lot more thinking to do. Leave me to my strange hemapunk world, where sieges rage along the landscape and warriors drink to victory.

Note: Today this genre is very real. It’s called LitHEMA!

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