Modern Man Predicts the Second Renaissance

I believe there will be a second Renaissance in our lifetime. I can see signs of its coming every day. For the first Renaissance, medieval Europe became fascinated by ancient Rome and Greece. They copied their art and style to a tee-square. This time, the modern West will become fascinated with medieval Europe 😉 We’ll copy them in artwork and design, and will be so inspired by their simpler ways. So I expect to see a lot more stuff like jousting in the Olympics! It’s my generation, I believe, that will lead the beginning of this second Renaissance, though the last few centuries has created many men and women who participated in this phenomenon’s upbringing, people like GRRM and Tolkien. In the next 100 years, new castles of stone will be built in honour of the bygone ones, and new swords will be forged in honour of the knights who fought to make Europe’s borders the shapes they are today. And at the same time, cultures all around the world will become fascinated and inspired by their own late-ancient history. Welcome to the early stages of the second Renaissance. Can you see it?

~ RJ Eveland


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