Family Day Speech

wait for all to be one again

If you’ll allow me to be metaphorical, I’d like to send out my Family Day wishes.

Here in Canada, it’s Family Day. Deep in the universe, outside the limitations of perception, it’s always family day. The dead feast awakened in the Hall of Patient Waiting. Their wars have ended. Combined as one, they wait for us. They are born and living, while we still learn to love each other in the Womb of Separation. Only some of us who are still down here know that all is one, and that everything is part of the same family. The sun is in the leaf, some would say. But even then we let our wisdom slip, and separate our families from other families, our countries from other countries, our ways from other ways. The dead wait for us to learn. When we join them, we will learn that, indeed, all is one. Back to the dust from where we came, some would say.

Yet I send my wishes to my mother, to my father, to my friends, to my country’s allies abroad. For I am only human. Happy Family Day, Canada. My our country and our allies lay down their arms this day to understand we are only fighting ourselves?

“Will the enemy do the same?” some would ask.

I would say, “Perhaps not, but one day we will, one day in the Hall of Patient Waiting, when we will wait for all to be one again.”



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